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Topper Series


Eliminate climbing on locomotive with bags or buckets of sand. We offer a wide selection of small portable sanders that can be wheeled manually & used with bagged sand. These units are powered either by plant or locomotive air. Topper units can easily be mounted on a pickup truck or trailer. The unit operates remotely with control trigger at the end of the hose. Supplied complete with 50 feet sanding hose

Bulk Sand Portables


Larger portable sand capacity units are available from 1 to 5 ton sand capacity. These units are designed to be mounted on a customer supplied truck or trailer. Fill the unit from an existing overhead sand supply such as a tower and drive to the point of use. Impco's smooth flow delivery system operates from the locomotive air compressor. Preconditioning of sand combined with bottom feed provides low presure delivery from unit to sand box. A deadman control system permits operator to start and stop flow of sand if control is released or hose is pinched, kinked or even cut.

Stationary Sanding


For page on stationary sanding systems click on below link

Stationary Sanding